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Dog in Nature


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –



Pet Memorial Cemetery at Wooling Hill New Gisborne Victoria



Anybody that has experienced a unique bond with a pet can tell you what heartbreak is when they suddenly pass away.


Pets enrich our lives in ways that afford us unconditional love and a greater quality of life. 

Wooling Hill Memorial Estate in New Gisborne understands the impact of losing a pet and the importance of honouring the special gift of companionship that our furry families bestow upon us in life. A special nook at Wooling Hill Memorial Estate is dedicated to honouring these lives in the Field of Companions.

Field of Companions is a pet "cemetery" in Victoria that offers pet owners a place to inter the cremated ashes of their pets with a commemorative bronze plaque, set amongst the tranquil botanical gardens at Wooling Hill Memorial Estate.

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What we offer

Field of Companions is a premier provider of pet memorialisation in Victoria. We help you create a fitting memorial tribute site where you can visit your beloved pet. 

All interments are in perpetuity, meaning you won't be asked to pay any additional costs in years to come for the upkeep of your pet's memorial.

All interments cost $1,500.00 (not including plaques - which start from $300.00)

Ashes Interment

If you wish to have a simple memorial service for your pet, please get in touch with us.

You may want to say a few words or simply witness the final committal to the earth of your pet's ashes. Amongst the tranquil gardens of Wooling Hill Memorial Estate, we will accommodate your wishes.

Memorial Services



Field of Companions are in partnership with FurEver After pet cremations.

Please get in touch with FurEver After if you need to organise a cremation.

If you wish to purchase an urn, we can assist you.


There are many different options available ranging from keepsake jewellery that you may wear as a necklace or bracelet containing a portion of your pets ashes, or more traditional urns of varying sizes.



The Memorial Garden





372 Barringo road

New Gisborne VIC 3438

Field of Companions at



Open 365 days of the year

9am - 5pm

03 5426 1333

0448 481 481

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